About Us

Revotech Tecnology Co.,Ltd. is a highly specialized manufacturer of digital printing systems founded in 1998. Since 2006, our printing equipment is built around highly advanced Konica Minolta printing heads, allowing us to deliver customers incredibly efficient and quality printing devices. As a professional digital printing solutions provider, Revotech develops systems used for printing in advertising, decorations, textiles, card, toys, and packaging industries. In addition to our standard line of high quality printers we can provide you with custom printing solutions as well. Simply select from the more than 30 types of Konica Minolta printing heads that vary in accuracy, speed, and saturation, and then we can design and produce a full scale printing unit perfect for your needs! Details

  • Custom Range
    We are experts at providing solutions for digital inkjet printers, including special or fully customized mechanical structure designs and module organization.

  • Case
    Case A: Single Pass Card Printer
    Client demand: cards can be distributed automatically and even during variable data of card, continuous printing can be achieved.

  • Industrial application
    Electronics printing: Patterns can be directly printed onto the shells of smartphones with UV inkjet printers. We can develop and create custom phone shell programs in a short amount of time.

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